Cleaning Specials

Carpet Cleaning,  up to Five rooms  $125.00

Additional Rooms $30.oo each

Free Hallways

Upholstery Cleaning $9.00 a lf

Stairs $2.00 per step

Scotch Guard applied for .15 cents a square foot


Apartment Specials:

1 Bedroom $65.00

2 Bedroom  $75.00

3 Bedroom $85.00

Additional Rooms or Areas, are Priced at $30.00 per room.  One large room may be considered two rooms.  Minimum fee for any job is $55.00!

 * Carpet Cleaning includes pretreatment, cleaner and deoderizer.

 * Red spots are an extra charge

 *  Free Hallway


*Rooms are considered 150 sqft or less

*Spot treatments are included, but colored spot treatments are not. (Red spots, Rust spots)

*Pet treatments are extra, and is for carpet not pad extraction.


Tile and Grout cleaning specials:


.40  cents a square foot

.55  cents a square foot if a Restorative cleaning is needed 


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