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Why You Need Richard’s Carpet Cleaning Steam carpet cleaning will immediately improve the look of any room of your home. Since you and your relatives walk on the carpet every day, it’s important to keep the floors looking like new. A professional carpet cleaner, along with vacuuming with a quality device, can maintain the integrity […] Read more »

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Why Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner There is no doubt that every homeowner wants to keep their carpet clean. However, as working adults with a ton of other responsibilities, getting your carpet cleaned can become difficult to work into your schedule. Yet with so many benefits of getitng your carpet cleaned, a homeowner can almost […] Read more »

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Carpets can be comfortable floor covering, but it can also be the source of health problems for your family. Studies have shown that indoor air quality is directly related to the cleanliness of your floors. The allergens captured in the carpets can aggravate allergies and cause you to become sick. Carpet, unfortunately, is notorious for […] Read more »

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Your home is where you spend a significant portion of your life. Spending time with family and friends, hosting parties, doing homework or playing with children or even chasing after the family pet. Even the cleanest of family homes can benefit from carpet and upholstery cleaning. Stains can be unsightly and even though you may […] Read more »

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Commercial carpet cleaners are effective without being loaded with harsh chemicals. These cleaners are harmful to pets and humans. People who choose green carpet cleaning will create safe, productive areas for guests and residents. Well-known carpet cleaners contain all kinds of chemicals, such as lye, scents, dyes, pesticides and preservatives. The blends of toxins are […] Read more »

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Carpet cleaning is a great business to be a part of.  I have found though the years I have been in the the trade, that many of my new customers have had a bad experience with prior carpet cleaners.  When I ask why, it is always the same response, carpet being left real wet or sudden […] Read more »

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In need of a carpet cleaner!  Commercial carpet cleaning if done right can leave your carpets looking their best.  Restaurant carpet cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure your carpets stay clean and do not lose there color.  In restaurants Olefin carpet is the most popular.  Olefin fibers attract oils which […] Read more »

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Most people when hiring a carpet cleaning service do not take into consideration the need for getting their mattress or upholstery cleaned.  Steam carpet cleaning is the best carpet cleaning solution for your mattress, and upholstery cleaning.  On average over an eight year time frame a mattress can gain weight this is from dust, dirt, dead […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Orlando, Fl

Getting your carpet and upholstery cleaning done on a regular bases can help you keep your investments longer.  Steam cleaning when done properly helps remove body oils, pet odors and even smoke odors leaving a clean fresh look. Professional carpet cleaning should be done at a minimum of one time per year two or more […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Orlando, Fl

Keeping your carpets cleaned is next to impossible when you have heavy traffic going in and out of your house or building.  Carpet Cleaning is necessary and should not be delayed.  Having carpets cleaned every six months with heavy traffic areas and every year with less traveled areas should be your minimum goal for keeping your carpets […] Read more »