Tile and Grout Cleaning longwood Fl

TiledBathroom-200x300Though glazed ceramic and porcelain tile might be easy for you to keep clean, grout cleaning is another matter. Grout is porous, and unless it’s sealed it will not only pick up dirt and grime but mold and mildew. When that happens it not only looks unsightly but is very hard to clean. Even glazed ceramic tile can be challenging to clean if it’s part of a shower stall and is constantly exposed to hard water. Hard water leaves a scum on tile that’s very hard for a layperson to clean off. Other types of tile, like terracotta, need to be sealed or they can be stained as easily as grout. ┬áTile and grout cleaning should be left to the professionals!

Fortunately, our professionals at Richard’s Carpet Cleaning not only clean carpets but perform tile & grout cleaning as well.

Tile Cleaning longwood Fl

Interestingly, our grout and tile cleaning is very much like our carpet cleaning. We send a representative to the customer and make an assessment of the tile. Then, we pre-treat the tile and grout to loosen the dirt, mold, grime and pathogens. After that, we use a special instrument to inject hot water under very high pressure. This penetrates the grout and the tile to make sure that all of the dirt is loosened. After that, the dirty water is vacuumed up.

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